Abdul Wahab


Abdul Wahab is a finance graduate from the London School of Economics. He has been working in the power sector for almost 10 years now and has been associated with various hydropower projects including but not limited to 84 MW New Bong Escape, 701 MW Azad Pattan, 300 MW Ashkot and 720 MW Karot. His expertise include technical as well as financial aspects of the feasibility of hydropower projects whereby he successfully managed to complete feasibility study process for Azad Pattan and Ashkot Hydropower Projects. He carries rich experience in land acquisition and resettlement matters, one of the difficult areas to handle in hydropower, and have been involved in land acquisition for various hydropower projects under implementation. He is presently serving on the Board of Directors of various corporate entities including Coate & Co. (one of the shareholders of Laraib Energy).