Power Purchaser

National Transmission and Despatch Company (NTDC) is the Power Purchaser. NTDC has been designated by the Government of Pakistan as the “single buyer” entity responsible for purchasing power from GENCOS (generating companies) and selling on to the DISCOS (distributing companies) as part of the power sector de-bundling process and moving to the free market model. The NTDC is fully backed by the GOP, in the unlikely event that there is a revenue shortfall, Laraib is secured under the GOP guarantee against any payment default of the NTDC.

Government of Pakistan

The Government of Pakistan is represented by the Private Power & Infrastructure Board (PPIB), Ministry of Water & Power, who are signatory to the GOPIA and have co-signed the AJ&KIA on behalf of the AJ&K Council. PPIB was created in 1994 to facilitate participation of private sector in the power generation in Pakistan. PPIB provides a One-Window facility to private sector investors in matters concerning establishing power projects and related infrastructure. GOP also regulates the power sector through National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (“NEPRA”). NEPRA's main responsibilities are to (i) issue licenses for generation, transmission and distribution of electric power, (ii) establish and enforce Standards to ensure quality and safety of operation and supply of electric power to consumers; (iii) approve investment and power acquisition programs of the utility companies; and (iv) determine Tariffs for generation, transmission and distribution of electric power.

Government of the AJ&K

The Project is located in Azad Jammu & Kashmir. The Government of the Azad Jammu & Kashmir is represented by the AJ&K Private Power Cell and are co-signatory to the AJK&IA and the Water Use Agreement which provides package of concessions available to Laraib for its smooth functioning in AJ&K.

AJ&K Council

AJ&K Council has the constitutional power on subject of electricity under AJ&K constitution and is signatory to the AJ&K IA.

Local Community at the Project Site

Any infrastructure project can be considered as an intruder into the local community and site. This holds good for highways, dams and power projects. It is vital that the interests of such communities are kept at par with the interests of all other stakeholders and interested parties. The Project has adequately considered and addressing the concerns of local communities on high priority. The Project has been planned in such a manner that it has minimum impacts on local community.