Why Work At Laraib

Why work at Laraib

We strongly believe that our human resource is the greatest asset in terms of our success as an organization hence we continue to be committed to ensuring that all our employees are engaged and motivated, by providing them with a high performing working environment that encourages innovation, collaboration, and partnership at all levels.

To achieve this, Laraib pursue high standards of Human Resource Management practices covering the following:

Learning and Development Learning and Development

With a focus on building a skill resource pool, Laraib invests extensively in training to improve technical and behavioural skills across all levels of management. Training initiatives range across customized programs designed specifically for employee learning needs as well as open enrollment programs with the leading learning institutes in Pakistan and abroad.

Performance Driven Culture and Performance Management Performance Driven Culture and Performance Management

We acknowledge the people who are committed to giving Laraib their best, because of their commitment to excellence. Our Rewards policies are aligned with best companies in the market that compete for high quality talent. We have a transparent and merit-based performance management system in place for career advancement that fosters a culture of trust and empowerment. Likewise, to create a Performance Based Culture where employee contributions are recognized and rewarded, employees are nominated for various Spot Awards and souvenirs for their exceptional work performance.

Equal Opportunity, Diversity & Non-Discrimination Equal Opportunity, Diversity & Non-Discrimination

Laraib provides equal opportunity to all job applicants through clearly defined and consistently applied induction standards. We believe a well managed, diverse work force expands our base of knowledge, skills and cross-cultural understanding hence the Policies are aimed at creating flexible and conducive working arrangements for all.

Employee Engagement Employee Engagement

Our people have been an integral part in all aspects of our business, and we value their opinions just as much as we value their contributions. Every year, all Laraib employees have a chance to voice their opinions about Laraib as a place to work in the comprehensive Employee Engagement Survey (EES), followed by joint Action planning sessions with employees. The crucial role that Employee Engagement Survey play is for getting a better understanding of employee's morale and satisfaction likewise to gain meaningful insights to build a better workplace and employee experience.